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“When teachers stop learning, so do students.” 


― Jim Knight

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Coaches work one-on-one with teachers, providing guidance, training, and other resources as needed. Together, we set goals and improve practices in order to impact student achievement. Instructional Coaching impacts student performance more than standard workshops alone. Research shows that if a district wants to affect student performance, then instruction needs to reach the highest quality possible. Through our partnership, we develop your capacity for sustained implementation of instructional best practices to meet your students’ needs. The process is designed specifically for our coaches to work alongside you, your team or district-level coaches to:

  • Focus on student learning

  • Plan effective instruction

  • Align resources

  • Facilitate instructional practices

  • Analyze data

  • Increase student success


Instructional Coach's


 Are you a new IC or aspire to be one? 

New Instructional Coach's Camp is a 3-day training (July 23 - 25) in which participants will learn the components of a coaching cycle, equip coaches with tools for effective communication with teachers and administration,  In addition, a follow-up support coaching sessions will be provided.)

Instructional Coach





The IC Academy is a series of 8 monthly meetings that provide professional development for district coaches in a collaborative, coach-centered learning environment focused on planning, instruction, learning environment, content, and strategies.